Nurturing Women to Health and Radiance

The load can sometimes be heavy, I know...

You attempt to be healthy, but you are over-whelmed by the demands of your time. You're a force for good. You work, take care of a home, a pet, tend to your aging parents, or possibly grieving the loss of one, and at the same time you may have children, and maybe they're even still living at home. Or perhaps you are experiencing a transformation due to divorce or loss of a beloved...

You don't have time for self-care, exercise, good nutrition and you have high stress levels. You don't sleep well, don't digest well and you know it's a recipe for disaster. It's possible you already have a compromised immune system or chronic disease thanks to stress, anxiety and pressures. Or maybe it seems like your mind is in a fog... Yes, this is stress...and stress is regarded as a major contribution factor to most chronic illnesses. But what to do?

We could be a match made in heaven if you desire...

  • To be nurtured with powerful stress and anxiety relieving Ayurvedic body treatments while learning simple, effective self-care regimens that promote health, youthfulness, energy, spiritual awareness and a better quality of life.
  • Improved digestion while learning how to eat healthfully, in tune with the seasons.
  • Sparkling eyes, luminous skin and radiance around you.
  • To learn how to relax and let go, control stress, anxiety & fatigue.
  • To prevent disease before it develops and becomes life-threatening.
  • To be a sage in your own life.

 Just a bit about me...

I am Jackie Parker, founder of Mother Of Health and head coach and caregiver around here. I started Mother Of Health because I'm passionate about self-care and all things that help people feel well physically, mentally and spiritually.

My focus is to make ayurvedic wisdom readily available by focusing on practical diet and lifestyle advice, and to minimize physical and mental stress. To support you with the finest qualities of a mother, which are love, respect, gentleness, understanding and unconditional support, so that you are healthy, happy and inspired.

How Mother Of Health can help you...

I'm really happy to offer:

Bliss packages that include Diet and lifestyle consultation, Abhyanga, Shirodara & Ayurvedic Face Rejuvenation.


Single Sessions which are the perfect choice if you just need to get your sparkle restored.

Women I love...

  • Are light-hearted and have a sense of humor
  • Like to relax and let go
  • Celebrate victories
  • Leave with a hug

Sound a little like you?

Please read a more detailed explanation of my services here, and then phone or email me and tell me what you need. Or, just say 'hi'.